To you, my dear ones


March 26, 2011 by Syd

I met you in the strangest places to the strangest hours and almost every time I thought, how can someone be so freaking crazy and my first thought was always: Who the f… are you?

You came to my house without ever having met me before and fucking renovated the place.

You guided me through all the traps in the last three years and still made me see the stars above your little cottage and made me feel at home.

You stepped into my way and made me leave the safe passage to show me what life really meant. You made me sing to crazy songs, made me stand on castle walls.

Your laughter made me grin through tears I could cry in front of you. You hugged me, when I let you and backed off, whenever I wanted to be alone. You talked hours to me on the phone about Quietscheentchens, sad songs, the climate change and buddhas path to wisdom. You fought with me over silly, weird and deep shit.

You lay in a goddamn parking spot in Essen and told me you’ve seen a fairy. You were with me on any of my projects, plans and things. Considerate, and the best fucking funny critic in the world. You let me fly and still kept me on a leash so I could come back down.

You laughed, you sang, you danced, you cried, you fought with me. You yelled at me, and made jokes about me and still I always knew you loved me for the person I am. You drank my whisky, devoured the black berries with wodka, smoked my cigarettes and loved my music (okay you don’t, but well….)

Sometimes you’re mad at me, I drive you nuts and you’ve got no fucking idea what I am talking about. Sometimes you make me sick, you make me angry and still I miss you the minute you’re gone.

Because you are my friends and I am quite sure you do know who you are and to whom I was referring to 🙂 Because it was all of you, some way or another. Brothers and sisters, the hour is upon us. Let’s keep on walking 😉



One thought on “To you, my dear ones

  1. Despisable me says:

    Girl, I love you. IT WAS a Fuckin FAIRY!

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