Home coming


November 27, 2011 by Syd

Running down these same old roads, asking these same old stupid questions, never trust in anyone and see the world fall into pieces, over and over again. Tired of these cravings to never see the light shine brightly on your nose. On this same forsaken planet every day the sun sets out to rise, every day we forget to hear the laughter of our children drawing pictures in brightful colours. We forget about the blissful moments spent with friends and food and wine. We don’t care to feel the softness of the raindrops, never cease to scream and cry until that very moment that we finally have to say goodbye.

This week I had a mourning friend sitting at my table and through all the pain her heart kept beating warm and joyful. I couldnt even grasp what was happening until she closed the door. But the very next day I could hear the laughter of my students loud and cheerful, their hopes for a better future shining brightly in their eyes. It is these moments that keep us going, just a short glimpse of what we all could become if we sometimes listen to the heart of a friend. Thank you for sharing my friend.



One thought on “Home coming

  1. las artes says:

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