Merry dogmas and a happy catyear…

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December 22, 2012 by Syd

While my owner has flown to Germany to meet his folks I was dropped of at some crazy peoples’ house. Well he didn’t mention the fact that they already have two other dogs and four cats! Can you imagine four furry fluffy screaming, running cats? He failed to tell me that this house seems to be a shelter of some sorts, because above all they have crazy teenagers with even more crazy friends coming along just to throw an amazing party just for ME!

After an amazing night on a cosy king size bed the woman who owns the place greeted me with a heartfelt “WTF?” in the morning. She seemed to be pleased to see me cos first thing she did was a funrace with me down the stairs. I wonder if humans need coffee to speed things up a little bit, cos she was down after one round claiming she needed a coffee. Well, it seems coffee is served somewhere else, cos she took her kids away and left me behind to take care of the christmas preparations and well I did. First I took a roll of nice white paper from the bathroom and decorated the hallway with it. They asked for snow so I was glad to help out.

Second I tasted the baking stuff they called cupcakes to make sure if the were good enough to be served to  the guests. Ah well they were fine, apart from these coloured plastic things they put around them so I made sure noone else got poisened and ate them instead.

After their coffee they came back with lots of bags and a weird green thing they called “christmas tree”. Polite as I am I didn’t tell them that the tree was made of plastic, believe me I checked I even took a bite. But well if they want to preted this is a real tree it’s just fine with me. Imagine, they wanted to put balls on that thing. Shiny pink balls. Seriously who puts balls on a tree? I got my Labrador friend and we tried to show them what balls are for, but they insisted they should be on the tree!!!!Even the cats took our side and showed them what balls are really for but zilch. Nuts! Second they put lights on a string on this thing and threw me out when I wanted to check if all bulbs were working. Ungrateful humans.

Instead they took a bauble and attached it to my collar. Told ya, this is not a regular home this is a nuthouse.

In the afternoon some people came over and insisted on eating the things with the plastic around it. And hey they chased me out of the room and made me jump. I do have thoughts about them being part of a circus company cos they all took the balls and held them high in the air and made me jump for it. Guess “lass” has to be the german word for “good job” or something.

Even a wee terrierpuppy like me is getting tired after all this chasing and hunting and who knows what was in this plasticthing, so I snuck in my room to get a nap on my king size bed. Guess what’s happening? This crazy woman comes in and claims it’s her bed!

No freakin chance I just pretended to be asleep and so finally she gave up after I made the cat fool the other dogs and she had to chase after them!

I hope my owner is doing well in Germany cos I am having a wonderful time in this adventure land and hey they bought a turkey, so tomorrow will be a good day with nice dinner. But first I have to get this other nasty cat out of MY room.

Good night and a merry dogmas!


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