Oh, she said

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January 1, 2013 by Syd

2012-06-28 19.45.37“Oh”, she said. “Oh”, that’s all she could say and that’s not even a word, she thought by herself, smartass she was. But what can you say if someone is asking you to follow him all around the world? You’d imagine it to be romantic, something titanic-style, you and the sunset and some botoxed american exwaitress will show up and sing a cheesy ballad which will be played all around the globe the next weeks to drive normal people insane.You’d imagine a starry night or at least a mistletoe, don’t you?

But these things tend to happen not in a movie, not on the Eiffeltower, I mean who has enough money to travel to Paris just to pop the question of a lifetime and who on God’s almighty earth would be surprised about it then. Paris, l’amour. C’mon.

“Oh!” she said in this dark alley, under the light of these crazy orange streetlights they have around here. And it was cold and windy, another endless irish winter day.

He stopped and looked at her. “Oh?” he asked and she was a little bit frightened that he might snap and tell her what an insensitive woman she was and all, but all he did was looking at her and after a long time he started to laugh and then he started to sing with his voice cracking with laughter:

“Oh christmas tree…oh christmas tree.”

And all she could do was punch him and tell him what a stupid boy he still was.


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