Lost in Ireland

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January 5, 2013 by Syd

The worst thing ever happening to you living in a foreign country is get your stuff stolen. Happened to me the other day. One minute you’re absolutely certain that nothing could be any better the next minute you’re in trouble.

Dear thief of my bankcars, passports and other necessary things,

Money is short these days, I get it. I would have been annoyed by the missing money but you have no idea what kind of trouble you get someone in who is an immigrant.

You’ve taken my identy, made it impossible for me to get to my bank account, therefore I am left without any money for almost a week until I get some sort of paper to identify myself again to access my own bank account. You left me stranded, unable to pay my bills and get food on the table for my own children.

I am a tolerant, understanding person, but rot in hell you bastard. If there is any justice on this planet I wish someone is taking your stuff away leaving you stranded in a foreign country without being able to do anything about it.

You made my landlord go haywire cause I can’t access my money. You make me ask other people to help me out, to get my daughter from the airport tomorrow. You make me sit in a police station only to get told, that they might never find you and if they do it won’t help me anything. Cause I have to get my passport back which will cost me time and money again. I have to get off work to do that and again, pay for it. As I am not an irish citizen this is even worse as I have to get the embassy involved which will even take more time thant for anyone else. I am stranded, I had my landlord like a monkey on my back for what? Because you made it impossible to pay my bills.

I have to call my phone company, the ESB, my landlord, my bank on a friday only to get turned down as they are not able to help me and you made my landlord go to his bank to explain why the money is coming later. You could have taken the money and gotten yourself drunk but taking my identity? Screw you. May lightning strike you while sitting on your toilet as a bavarian friend of mine would call that.

But know what? Karma’s a bitch and I’m sure this will bite you in your ass and you will pay for this one way or another. Let’s just hope I do not find you………


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