DAY 3: Noone has starved….yet

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January 11, 2013 by Syd

As we decided to have our own unreligious little group of people trying to kick off the year with resolutions, we asked you to join. Here a quick update from our participants:

So far 15 participants joining. Resolutions about getting back to sport, living without meat, reducing fags, trying to reduce stress and learn a poem every day have been made.

Wales reports that he cut down his cigarettes from almost 3 packages a day to ten cigarettes a day. Well done. Hang in there buddy!

Augsburg has stopped eating sugar. Well the result is kinda strange as poor Annemarie’s collegues are now discussing sugar in toothpaste 😉

Talking about collegues. Alex has his whole crew betting against him getting on a vegan diet. So far he has 790 Dollars against him but he is still looking for great recipes for vegan sportsmen and says his vegan pancakes were the best he ever ate. Guess his collegues will lose money.

Berlin and Dettingen are still working on their resolution to have more time for themselves.

In Ireland everything is great. Marie started cooking her own dinner instead of eating bad lunch and reported going out wasn’t that bad. She got a vegetarien pizza even in Ireland.

My beloved cousin Marisa joined in with similar approaches.

But we also got some remarks from people saying 9 1/2 weeks is not enough. I am very happy that one of them started to change his eating habits apart from our project and wants to make this a permanant thing.

It wasn’t our intention to say. Look people change your life for 9 1/2 weeks and change it back. It was more of a project saying start with it, hang in there and we do it altogether for some time, keeping us going by encouraging each other daily.

I’d like to say thank you to the lovely Fidelma and to Wayne Rutherford for igniting the spark with their new years approach at Mas-F Dundalk. Get rid of all the excuses and start. As a team it’s easier to stick with your resolutions. It’s nicer when you know there are people willing to go with you to the training or cook with you or sometimes pat you on your shoulder and say: Good job so far.

So whoever you are, or how long you wanna do things, it’s great you’ve started to do so and whenever you feel you’re not up for it any longer find someone to say; Tschakka you can do it.


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