Day 5-an update of the people who teamed up for their new years resolutions

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January 13, 2013 by Syd

Day 5 started out with a collegue of mine picking us up and the surprising promise to bring us to a vegan/vegetarian cafe. In IRELAND!

The fact that someone who ate meat all these years without a thought about it enjoys her vegan dinners the last couple of days is a small success. In my own case I feel ashamed about the laziness with which I took care of my cooking and eating habits ever since I set foot on this island. It’s easier to go with the flow instead of getting on with what you know is better for you, your health and the way you want to treat people and animals.

It’s always a misfortune that people who care so much about dogs and cats care so little about the animals they put on their plate. Chicken are not cute, cows are not cute and pigs on’t cuddle with you at home. And the happy irish sheep 😉

Apart from any morality issues I have overcome a bad flu in 2 days without antibiotics or a doctor.

My friend from Hawaii who started these weeks just for the sake of “I’m gonna try this, not because I really feel it’s wrong but they tested me that I can’t live without it”, send me  a message this morning saying, that he never thought he would enjoy his non-dairy, vegan meals that much as he does.

No foodcoma anymore, no feeling of being tired after his dinners….seems someone figures out, that there is a tasty alternative to his eating habits. While I am writing these lines I get a photograph of a dinner saying look what my collegue is eating…he got curious. The collegue who put a lot of money in  a bet saying that he won’t survive one week without milk, eggs, meat and fish went to a vegan cafe today.

Annemarie is still not eating toothpaste which is a shame.

Marisa shared her relaxing weekend with us and that she already feels better after going back to sports and reading more books and spending time with people she likes.

And Vera back in Dettingen has a good time with spending time with her horses and found a great organic cheese manufacturer. (link see below)

Our most tempted warrior in Wales who cut back his nicotine habit had his first day without sweating and survived an egg free breakfast.

I should also mention my brave kids who joined in by cutting back on coke and pasta.

The coming days I will ask some of our participants to share their experience with us and you will find out if Marie is having dreams about grilled chicken or if Alex is silently eating a sausage in  a closet or if Annemarie started eating toothpaste and what all the other nice people do instead of smoking too many fags.

Maybe tomorrow as Marie is already scared about her first kickboxing class after months without any sports activity. Alex new homebase The cafe Marie and I had a good time with our collegue at. Vera’s cheese provider

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