Nutrias, public sex and toothpaste

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January 16, 2013 by Syd

Working with people from many different countries and with different mentalities, as well as founding a group of people who want to stick to their new years resolutions together from different nations sometimes leads to disturbing images and misunderstandings.

Talking to people on the phone the whole day adds to this already interesting melting pot. After one disturbing customer I had to think about a Nutria, which obviously is a beaver-rat almost unknown in many countries. Well as my collegue didn’t listen well to my smartass introduction of this said animal it is now believed that Nutrias only live in Eastern Germany, to be specific in Leipzig. Some strays are apparently rehomed in Poland as well, according to my supervisor. Well sometimes they are even eaten by the mentioned people who are fortunate enough to coexist with the little fellows (not so good for the Nutria, I guess). Anyway they are better off than German Grasshoppers and ants which are eaten in Dusseldorf, according to another collegue.  Also Nutrias can be put into cereals which is  a guess from my irish collegue…..At least Nutrias are allowed to have public sex, another discussion between my hardworking collegues the other day. While some weren’t convinced about the public display of lover’s affections, one collegue wouldn’t be disturbed by people having sex in a pub most of my coworkers go to. Very blue monkey.

As most of you know our new years resolution group  also has members from all over the globe. Sometimes messages have to be translated by the worst online translator ever, the one integrated in facebook. “Meinereiner”,  a german synonym for me, was translated the other day with Mohammed which led to a religious discussion and many many misunderstandings. And according to said Bing this guy named Mohammed is a vegetarian now.

Due to this unreliable translation tool some of the members also sadly believe to this very day that Annemarie is eating toothpaste (smartasscomment: toothpaste has artificial sugar in it). Well you never know, Bavarians can be very strange.

I have learned so many things about my friends because of Bing:

Poor Vera in Dettingen has a horse named Adedeji and  is  chilling pointless according to her…NOT. She was talking about spending time with a horse and chilling out. Chilling out is therefore pointless to Bing, which is another view on the world especially since Annemaries cooking skills are out of “range”.

Poor Jonny, Jar, Emma and Alex are having a hard time and I guess by the end of the day there is only one conclusion: either Microsoft has it’s own way of forcing people to think differently (work harder, chilling is pointless, all horses are named Adedeji and toothpaste is tasty) or the Germans should start eating meat again. One way or another…it’s a long way to Tipper…to global peace and understanding. But at the end of the day, let’s just make love in a pub, Nutrias do it too and noone has ever seen a Nutria striving for Power.


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