Thank you for the dreamers

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February 27, 2013 by Syd

Well hardworking people as we are I found time for a wee chat with my collegue Peter today and he made me think about a few things which ever since stuck in my head. Every day we go out there working a job we honestly do not like for the sake of paying our bills, running home afterwards to catch up with everything else and every evening I sit there tired and worn out, unsatisfied that once again I haven’t nearly found the time I want to have to spend with my beautiful awesome children, once again my house isn’t nearly the place I want to live in as all that is left after cleaning up is another full basket full of dirty clothes and once again I haven’t eaten in peace with my wonderful big new family.

Peter looked at me today and said: “Either you’re going to change this or you have to somehow make peace with it.” I replied to him that I’d love to find more time but all our wicked beliefs that work is connected with just being able to pay your bills and that if you do not send your kid to school even when it is sick, you will be sent to jail he was at a loss. But he made me remember about the things I truly believe in. That work should be something you like, something you want to commit yourself to. That having kids should mean you can be a part of their lifes and that you don’t want them to go to places they feel unwanted and unworthy of their mates and teacher’s attention. Having been a teacher myself I know about the struggles with your collegues, the state and all these ridiculous plans. I was a Waldorf teacher, said to be free to teach the kids at their time but all that was left was other regulations, traditions, stupid expectations and at the end of the day you sent your pupils home unsatisfied, at war with regulations, collegues and ridiculous schedules, just to find out that after you left once again kids were fired for being different for not being up to speed with someone elses expectations. I can’t imagine myself teaching in that kind of environment ever again. I do not want to take part in the systematic try to make them into something they are not born to be, stripped of wondering, stripped of curiosity and forced to stay in the given paths we think are right and legit.

But at the end of this day I refuse to stop dreaming and as long as there are people out there who will go on dreaming as well I have hope. Hope that the world will become a more tolerant place, a place people are able to live in freedom. Free to work without having to think about the next bill, free to spend as much time as needed with their loved ones and free to decide how to educate their own children and I am thankful for all the dreamers out there, for the crazy ones, for the courageous ones who just say no and try to live their lifes as they want to and I wish for more of them but most of all I want my own children to never stop dreaming.


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