Guest parenting- About the wonderful experience of hosting other people’s kids

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March 14, 2013 by Syd

The newest member of our small community is my wonderful, brilliant guest daughter Leonie from Tübingen. She arrived just a couple of weeks ago in Ireland and every day I need to say a small thank you to her parents and to the heavens above for sending her to our house. What a wonderful experience to have earned the trust of someone else so much that they send their daughter to your house to care for her and let her make new experiences in another country for such a long time. As a mother I know how hard it is to let your kids go just for a couple of days. I had to spend two weeks without mine last summer and I went berserk without them. I missed their laughter, their company, their witty remarks every single day. Hell, I even missed their socks lying around. Basically I didn’t really know what to do when I got home. So as a mom I know you have to have a lot of confidence in your child and in the people you send her to.

And I feel honoured. She is a smart, well-mannered girl, making me laugh every day and ever since she got here I feel that not only she is experiencing a great adventure but we as a family and community do. First I have another person being obsessed about healthy food just as much as I am. Basically she is snorting apples, well that’s what I suspect her to do as kilogramms of apples just disappear in my house. Second she totally loves salad and so we have loads of different salads every week. Third she enjoys cooking, so I am not alone in this house full of people pretending they can’t cook or are too exhausted to cook or don’t know what to cook or Mom-not-again-I’m tired cooks.

She suspects my dog of being a skinwalker who will murder her one night just because the poor lady has too different eye-colours. She also suspects my other dog to be a psychopath and not to mention the cats who she suspects of just about anything supernatural.

Talking about Supernatural. She must be the second best die-hard fan of Supernatural straight after Hendrikje and me. Guess she will one day look for a guy driving an impala and eating burgers and carrying guns around. 

Talking about guys she told my flatmate how to date properly. Poor Marie now knows that you don’t invite a guy to your house or go to his house unless he went on ten proper dates with you and was approved by the whole family. Well Marie….

My ever discussing son goes straight to the bus with her and stopped discussing about wearing socks or a jacket in the morning. Poor fellow found out he’s going to lose every discussion with her.

If you want to know if someone else is homosexual well the minute you wonder she will have asked the person straight to his or her face. 

Bottomline is. If you ever have the opportunity to host a kid from another family go for it. There are so many lessons to be learned, so many great moments to share.

If you do not want to have a kid, you might get looked at sadly if you do not have own kids or might be suspected of about anything, go ahead and become a couchsurfer. You get to know different people, you will host them for a short time but you will gather memories forever. So open your hearts and doors. It’s “THE GATHERING” here. So don’t miss out on the experience and share your life with new people. All you will lose are some kilogramms of apples but you will gain so much.


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