Goodbyes and Welcomes

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May 5, 2013 by Syd

Finally the house is empty, well if you can call a house with two kids, two dogs and four cats empty. But the visitors, flatmates, longtermvisitors – all gone. Seriously time to smudge the whole place and feel that it was good to have them, but in the end I am glad they’re gone. They filled this house with their laughter, their tears and joy, and still I am happy to be “alone” again.

Through all those many, many experiences, through everything, I feel finally at rest. I have enjoyed the conversations, other peoples’ view on the world and on leftover hair in the sink. I liked their company and hated their socks. I laughed about their jokes and their funny habits.

The dogs are lying peacefully next to me, the kiddos enjoy a silent moment in their rooms and the house has gone peacefully quiet and feels like my own place again. No foreign footsteps on the stairs, no fruity shower gels crowding my bathroom any more. And thankfully no teabags everywhere anymore. Holy olibanum I love you.

There have been joyful moments, moments I just wanted to be left alone, moments of great laughter and moments of despair. And through all those trials and questions about life and love, I finally figured there’s only one person I still want to be around and to be back in our lives. Only one person who’s smell I want in the bathroom and in my sheets.

I will gladly invite others to spend some time at our place for a certain time, but for a visit, not for a stay. I feel it’s time to make a phone call and say: “come back”.

Only one person I will say about: I miss you like hell, I miss your laughter, your cigarette kiss and your music. I miss the sound of your voice, your coffee cup next to mine, your open toothpaste in my bathroom. I miss you like crazy and no company on this planet will ever be like you. I know now that all the friends I had over, all the nice and funny people will never fill your empty chair in my house.

And so after a time of cheerful company I am done with sharing my place for a while. I just love the fact, that there will be an apple left when I want one, that I do not need to worry about the dog being somewhere too close to someone, no need to cook if we don’t want it, no music I do not like. It’s been a good time, so thank you Marie, Leonie, Frank and all the others who spent some time here but all I do want now is home, my home, my house, my place, my leftovers. I will miss you and still I am thankful, that now it is time for me and my family to live alone.

There is only one chair to fill and I am certain know who’s chair it will be.

So thank you for the time, the laughter and the tears. I wish you all a wonderful start back in Germany and in your houses. I am looking forward to hear a lot from you. And for once I am most thankful that after all I figured out who I want to live with and in the end it is my family.


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