Belittled big things-TADA sheep will come


May 20, 2013 by Syd

This morning I went for a coffee with a wonderful, humble woman I met here and we talked about this and that and how I felt about this and that. And inbetween my ramblings of nothing important whatsoever, I mentioned that my best female friend will be visiting me for my birthday for a ludicrous amount of money.

When I left her, I suddenly felt akward. Akward that I mentioned the most important people in my life in just a short sentence, like it wasn’t big news or something and talked too much about things which actually do not matter. All the little things, someone complaining about this and that and I totally neglected the fact, that two of my most beloved people on this planet came or will come to spend time with me.

It was as if almost I couldn’t dare to say “Hey I have some really badass people in my life who overlook all my little flaws and ticks and overcome miles and hurts just to see me.” Sometimes we do not allow ourselves to feel loved that much by someone else. We do feel as if we do not deserve the friendship or love of another being, so we do not mention it, although we feel like we should definitely have fireworks and fanfares for their welcome.

And when I walked home from this nice little encounter I felt thankful, thankful for having learned another lesson. That it is so important for us to appreciate the love and kindness of the people who are our friends and lovers and companions. And how great this love is, that it is not worth to dwell on other little mistakes or people we do not care about that much, when we do not appreciate the big things in our life. So thank you for teaching me that, without even having intented it.

So guys. TADA, fireworks, fanfares and all. I DO have the best sheep on God’s almighty planet. I have the most badass man in my life one can have, I do have the craziest, most chaotic best male friend on this side of the irish sea ( he’s still too much catholic haha) and I do have the best cousins ever and the most badass kids once can hope for. So yeah I am thankful and one hell of a lucky woman.


One thought on “Belittled big things-TADA sheep will come

  1. says:

    Eleanor Roosevelt stated that with the new dayy comes new
    strength as well as brand new thoughts. I want to thank
    you for making me think today.

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