That’s why.


June 2, 2013 by Syd

I was always what you call a “Let’s make the world a better place” person. There was always something to change for the better. No own car, organic food, name it. Always an animal showing up somewhere in need of a home. Well needless to say I went to Ireland with one dog and ended up having two dogs and four cats. If it wasn’t for my man and my children who insisted that we do have enough now I wonder with how many I would end up at the end of the day.

So when I signed up working for a vegan I didn’t think of anything more I could possibly do in my life. Well he changed that one for the better. Ever since my former boss stepped into my life I faced the fact of being around someone who thought there was so much more to do in my life. I remember that right from the start I told him, that I wouldn’t survive a single day without cheese, despite the fact that I was lacto intolerant. Cheese, icecream, Tiramisu, name it. I hated his guts for looking at me like: You’re taking away a calves milk for your own pleasure. Thing is he never said it. He never said stuff like that. He never even looked at me with this intention. The only thing he ever did was inviting me to watch Earthlings. I refused. Trouble in paradise as my best friend points out. I knew I couldn’t see it without consequences.

I remember clearly, when we were walking down a street and somebody called him a faggot that he didn’t react and just told me that he didn’t expect anything else from a society who was treating it’s fellow species like garbage to treat him any better.

To cut a very long story short I watched Earthlings with him and a couple of people. I saw adult men in tears leaving the room because they couldn’t take it. Real trouble in paradise. One of the most horrible cries on this planet is a mother crying for her lost child. Doesn’t matter if she is human or bovine the cry is unbearable. And I figured this is wrong. It is more than wrong. How could I eat or drink something from a suffering, tortured being without getting sick. I could and to be honest about it I failed sometimes. Old habits die hard.

But when friends of mine started getting heartattacks, diabetes and so on I knew I had to change this final thing in my life, not only for the sake of other but also for my own wellbeing. I won’t tell you it’s the easiest choice to make but it’s far easier than giving up the fags, I can tell you.  I have tried once and I failed, I tried a second time, because it is the only right thing to do. The only responsible choice you can make if you care about this planet and animals and humans. It is simply bigottry to save pets and whales and orang-utans if we do not care about the pigs, horses, turkeys, fishes, name it. It is one of the biggest lies we make ourselves believe that our food comes from loved and welltreated organic farm animals.

I made myself watch it again, I fought many battles with my own habits and still do. Noone will ever tell you that it tastes bad, but in the end it is wrong. I dared other people to watch Earthlings, or to go and see for themselves where the stuff they so love comes from. How dirty, wrong, and cruel their food is treated. How can you possibly justify all of this for the sake of your sandwich, your breakfast egg, your cholesterolburger?

So when I signed up that very day for my former job I knew that I would find another job one day somewhere but I didn’t know that one person showed me my own face in the mirror. The one thing I lied to myself about with every cheese slice on my sandwich, every fruit shampoo and every icecream. Yes, I fail, and yes I might accidentally eat a spider at night now and then, I might step on a bug, I might even eat an egg or worse, I am human, but I can try. I can try to cause as little harm as possible. Call me whatever you want, tell me some jokes about veggies, I’ve been there. But if you do care, really care about another beings wellbeing, stop closing your eyes, stop avoiding the trouble. Make yourself watch the unbearable thing and ask yourself if it is worth it.

Leo Tolstoy once said and maybe this is one of the most meaningful sentences someone ever said:

As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields

As long as we deny ourselves to see that we are treating another feeling being like garbage nothing will change.

Like everyone I want to eat great food, I want noone to suffer, no human being and no animal. I can’t save a dog from a life in suffering and condemn a cow to it. There is no logic behind this behaviour. And I can’t be a mother wanting to have the best life for my own kids and take away another mother her child. I have watched one of our cats caring for her babies, she died trying to get to them, this is the behaviour of a caring, feeling being. of a fellow parent. So that’s why. No missionary plan. Just plain logic.

So thank you for the mirror my friend.

226387_2013883623407_6504585_nFalka and her little ones. A friend, a mother. We still miss her.

One thought on “That’s why.

  1. Jay says:

    Thank you my dear for your kind words. We miss you. All of us. And I am really really looking forward to see you soon. I wish everybody had your courage your determination your strength and your kindness and the world would be a better place. Thanks for sharing. Love J

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