What could possibly go wrong on a weekend?

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July 7, 2013 by Syd

Weekends are supposed to be relaxing, maybe a little shopping, but the rest? Maybe if you are not blessed with my family and friends they are relaxing. 

Saturday morning started out with a missing bikini and missing socks. Well my poor daughter was so stressed out that she couldn’t manage to pack a suitcase in a week, no of course not, it has to be the day she needs to catch a flight. So downtown run, ramblings about the nasty taste in swimwear the Irish have later we found the only one left in her size and hurried back to get her to the airport. 

After she left, waves goodbyes and kisses later, house cleaning as my longest friend from Germany was supposed to come in any minute with his other best friend. Just when I thought everything was right, well,  the phone rang. Instead of driving my daughter to the airport straight my collegue decided somthing else, well God knows where they had coffee or burgers or whatever, anyhow, bottomline, she missed her flight. Hundreds of Euros later she got on another plane so she could catch another flight later on. Talking about freaking out, believe me I was screaming, and ranting and crying at once. Result of the whole deal: A lot of money missing and by then I knew:

Don’t, just don’t expect other people to do things properly. If you want them done, do them yourself. Trust noone. People tend to do things they do for others not as serious as if they would do them for themselves. Forget the nice blabberings about faith and trust in the universe and people. People make mistakes and the universe just doesn’t give shit about it anyway. And don’t expect others to feel for you. Hey it’s not my money, not my kid, so what.

At least the evening with the two guys was funny and great and everything you need from a friend. And thank god they paid the bill. 

Plans for the Sunday were made and hey after all these things what could possibly go wrong with a hiking trip? Sun? Great! Well it might have become a great day if…yeah if my dear friend wouldn’t have left the gates open. Let’s just say we hunted dogs instead of fairies for the next 3 hours, got almost hit by other cars 4 times, got stuck kneehigh in the marshland and wait yeah finally we got them and all I needed was to be alone. 

Sitting in a garden chair with a beer I was almost tempted to think nothing else could disturb my day, well until the neighbour complained about the dog barking at him and a nasty phone call mad the rest of my day. It was a sign a sign from the universe telling me to go straight inside, don’t talk to anyone, meet noone and try to stay alive or to tell you the truth try to not kill someone. 


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