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October 26, 2013 by Syd

I surrender. Right now. After giving it some serious thoughts I have to say I surrender. I am either too old or too choleric to share my house with people who don’t have a decent explanation such as being my children or having four legs, to be here. Money is not one of them. 

Flatsharing makes us think of nice evenings with your ever creative flatmates, heartwarming hours in kitchens and of course sustainability. Talking about sustainability it drives me nuts to see other people spending energy like there is no tomorrow by refusing to shower instead of spending money on heating a hotpress. Is it so hard to push a button to power off your tv equipment? Unplug an unused charger and for goodness sake recycle your stuff?

Seriously I am too old. I can’t ignore people not showering or washing their laundry, towels and sheets. I had rough times in my life and I refuse to educate adult people on how they manage their lives to be able to live together with other feeling, walking beings.

Maybe my mother genes kick in and make it unbearable for me to live with people living on pizza deliveries and destroying their bad health with the refusal of taking anything in that might have a vitamine in it. I am sick of discussing these things over and over and over again. 

I tried, really I tried hard to understand why someone has the nerves to stay in bed and ignore the rest of the house is actually running around and cleaning up stuff. I tried to be that understanding and tolerant person that stays calm and thinks “it is not my life” which is ruined here. I even went as far as feeding the shitty cheap meat to my cats and my dog. I hung towels on door handles. threw stinking sneakers in front of the door. I tried to understand that someone actually wants to stay in my house who does not want to really interfere with the other people living here. 

I have failed. Not one time, not two. A lot of times. I ignored people who did not participate in any cost in my house and didn`t even have the decency to make it up by helping to clean the place. I can’t, I’m done. After the latest try to live with someone I’d rather let myself get hired to sing shitty songs on a birthday party or hens night than enduring another flat…..mate in my house. 

Maybe I am not meant to live with anyone else who is refusing to understand the needs of others around him or her. That I might be tired after a 13 hours spent on work and commute and not willing to find out, that my vaccum cleaner was drowned outside in my garden (do not ask) and that a simple “oh I forgot” won’t help on that one. That I might be too intolerant to endure otheres refusing to pay for oil because they are spending all day and weekend in bed and therefore do not need heating (please don’t let us raise the question of the mold that will appear due to the laundry hidden in the room and condensating water all over the walls and windows.

So in the end maybe people do want to live like that and for everyones wellbeing they should live alone in a house that does not have a landlord who wants his property well kept and most definitely not with beings who actually want to spend a good off work time in something called a “home”. Some people might just thrive on surviving no matter how, I don’t. And maybe they should use their creativity they use to talk themselves out of any responsibility whatsoever on art, on a craft on I don’t know what, writing a new overwhelming sad story about a guy living under a blanket for years instead of driving normal boring people who want to have a nice looking warm place and a normal electricity bill and a somewhat healthy dinner each day mad.

Flatsharing brings out the worst in people or so I figure not only out of my own bad experience but all the other stories I have to listen to about other nice flatsharing stories. It might be a good thing on the resource side but on the other hand believe me it can turn friends into enemies.

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