Entire(d)ly thankful


November 20, 2013 by Syd

A working single mom’s diary

5:00 am The inner clock tells me to get up, shower, think about the school uniforms, the dog, the money for the bus, the shopping while brushing teeth, getting a shower and make a quick run for the bus to bring you to work

6:00 am The bus is heading to Dublin, hey as the modern work force you have to be flexible and take everything possible on to make more money to be able to buy the school uniforms, the school trips, school books, have private healthcare for your kids and right get them a proper education and sometimes be able to pay the cinema or a new computer game or a dinner out. Don’t mention getting them some healthy food on the table. 

8:00 to 5 pm Time to focus on your job and get your career moving cos the poor society hasn’t invested in your great college education for nothing. So please be up to speed, fully focussed, target driven and an asset to whatever company you work for. Be enthusiastic, optimistic, charming, a great teamplayer. Whatever is necessary do it, be as qualified as everybody else well a little more cos you will be the one asking for those silly exceptions like “I need to be at the parents-teacher meeting tomorrow, otherwise they will tell you that of course as a working mom your poor kid has no real backup at home that’s why he might not have learned Gaelic in 2 months for which the other kids had five years time.”

By 5 pm the next run to the next car or bus is due, stay fit, cos otherwise you’ll end up sick. On the bus you have time to dwell in all those loveable facebook posts such as “Be calm, breathe, focus, meditate, anger is bad for you” Actually you love that one hour you can entirely sit there, drool and do and think nothing.

By 7pm you find out that you are really a bad person cos one of your kids hasn’t done his homework properly or wore the wrong pullover. Signed, sighed and move on. Homework, the never-ending nightmare at the end of a parent’s day. Right, okay and the demand of baking cake for some noble charity sale in school, the dental appointment you won’t be able to get soon. You are a lousy mom. By that time dinner is probably some quick lunch with pasta. Laundry is piling up, the dishwasher is full and even the dog is looking at you as if he wants to say: Woman your life sucks.

Don’t mention the letter from the electricity company which will ruin your day straight away. Another one.

But finally there it is: That awkward silly moment, when you fall on your bed and realise it’s done. The cats are curled up, the dog is snoring at your feet and you hear the ever lovely chatter from your kids’ rooms and there it is. Silence, you made it. You might not get an award for best housekeeping and yes you might end up screaming at your electricity call center tomorrow morning, you might think about bad things you want to tell some teachers, but it all sneaks away into the dark night and you know your life is the best you can possibly ask for. You have work, you are able to manage, your kids are awesome and you kicked the world’s ass and you do not need some crazy guru to tell you how to achieve inner peace. Cause right there, right now this is peace, real peace of mind. 

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