Hope is the thing with feathers

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June 29, 2014 by Syd

Looking back at the last couple of weeks of my life I should probably sign off, opt out from life and go on a long extensive holiday. Who would have guessed how easy one single motion, one person could cause a series of events that can only be proof for the chaos theory. One wrong move and you can find yourself being accused of doing all things wrong in general.  The tiny movement of the wing of a butterfly they say can cause a tornado on the other side of the planet. Correlation of things. I’d prefer the idea of domino, one falls and the others will follow and you find yourself in the middle of a pile of tumbled stones, unable to keep them from falling once they’re set into motion. In my case it ended up with us moving and me fighting for what is dearest in my life. 

Nonetheless once the storm is over, when you’re looking at your roofless house and the debris around it, when the silence is so huge and all you can hear is the loud thunder of your own agitated heart, you can smell the freshness of the cleared air, the scent of a new beginning. Long kept beliefs appear to be false and while your body says run, the adrenaline still pumping from the fear in your heart your head slowly starts to realise, that you might have been accused for the wrong reasons but life itself has called out to make you stop for a while. Calm down your never resting head, get rid of the things you don’t need, clean up the mess and the things you held on to for way too long. We tend to make everything too important. Job? Well all there is is it is paying your bills, you can find another and the world would not stop turning. Money? Sad we need it but money itself is just paper. Can be gone tomorrow. Friends, well we know all too well, that when the storm arrives the ones only looking for sunshine disappear in thin air, time to sweep the skeletons out of the closets. 

The act of evolution is not just a genetic set of predispositions it is also giving us the ability to adept. We’re solely focused on the mere fact of genes but we don’t see the personal aspect of evolution. Only sometimes, when life throws us of our feet and leaves us shattered and crying and cynical and it hits us hard, right in the stomach we understand, that we have to evolve, try new, fail better. No cynicism will help us, no wishing bad for the ones that wronged us will get us there. Right there, broken and bruised we realise, that no one will save us, no higher being, no cosmic intervention. That maybe the answer of our prayers lies in our very own heart in the strength to say I’m not done, I’ll fight back, I’m still standing. That’s all we need the good friend for, to sing our song as a wise man said, when we ve forgotten to sing.


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